Introducing Inspectus

Running a restaurant or food business is notoriously stressful, made even more difficult by multiple layers of regulation from building and fire code to food safety protocols. There is no one place for owners to go for guidance on what permits they need to apply for, what regulations apply to them, and how to stay in compliance as they grow. It is a constant challenge to stay up-to-date on the regulations as a business in the food industry. Inspectus provides step-by-step guidance to navigating compliance so food entrepreneurs and independent restaurant owners can make the decisions that fit the budget, timeline, and vision of their establishments.

How It Works

Inspectus asks you simple questions about your business: what kind of food establishment do you run, how do you prepare the food, and where you sell your products. Inspectus then searches the state, county, and city codes to find the code that is relevant to your business. We walk owners through code with easy-to-understand explanations that describe what it compliance is and what it takes to pass. Inspectus provides you with options so you find the path to compliance that meets your budget, timeline, and vision for the business. Inspectus keeps you up-to-date with the latest regulations and let you know about the ones that apply to your business. We’ll even remind you to prepare for the next inspection or to renew your licenses and permits when the time comes.

Inspectus - Warewashing Options


Inspectus believes in simplifying government regulations to support small business owners and entrepreneurs. Inspectus builds tools that guide small business owners through government compliance at every stage of their business, providing easy-to-understand explanations of the rules and options to pass that meet both the government’s requirements and the business owner’s needs.