Your partner through the compliance process.


Inspectus simplifies the process of opening a restaurant and staying in compliance with multiple layers of regulation, from building and zoning code to fire and food safety regulations. We do this by combining the power of our easy-to-use software with the expertise of inspection specialists to guide independent restaurant owners step-by-step through the compliance process.




Answer simple questions, we figure out the rest

Tell us about your business, including the location, where you prepare your products, and how you sell your goods. We search the regulations to find every local code you need to cover. We’ll let you know what permits you need, what inspections to prepare for, and design a plan to get it all done on your timeline.

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Measure twice, inspect once approach to compliance

We simplify compliance by only bringing up the rules that apply to your business and explaining them to you in everyday terms. Then, we double check your physical facility and operating procedures for food safety compliance before you start a project or make a big purchase, preventing ripping out work, money lost, and time delays.


We have your back today and for whatever lies ahead

If you are ever confused or unsure how to answer a question related to compliance, we’re here to help. We’ll even remind you to prepare for upcoming health inspections and provide updates to regulations that apply to your retail food establishment. Rest assured that, with us, you are always up to code and ready for the next inspection.



  • Peace of Mind: We evaluate over 100 regulations on independent restaurants and explain every rule that applies to your business to give you peace of mind that you know everything that will be on your next inspection.

  • Options to Pass: We show you the options you have to meet regulation so you are able to choose the things that fit the budget, vision, and schedule of your business.

  • Our Commitment: We stay up-to-date with federal, state, county, and city laws to ensure your business is up to code. Pass your next inspection on the first try or we’ll pay for your re-inspection fee.