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Cut through the red tape and regulations in food service with inspectus


Inspectus builds tools that guide food entrepreneurs and restaurant owners through government regulations at every stage of their business.

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Stay on Task

Compliance is an ongoing concern for a food establishments. We keep you up-to-date with the latest regulations that apply to your business. We’ll even remind you to prepare for the next inspection or to renew your annual food service permit or liquor licenses.


Know Your Options to Pass

There’s a cost to not knowing the regulations and a cost to not following them. Inspectus shows you the ways to pass so you figure out the way to comply that makes the most business sense for you.


Expertise When You Need It

Inspectus stays up-to-date on over 300 regulations - from food safety to liquor licenses to building permits - to ensure your business is up to code. We’ll answer your questions and keep you apprised of what’s around the corner so you are always in compliance.

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